Congratulations. You have stumbled across the website of James Cameron-Wilson, film critic, broadcaster and wordsmith. Here you will find my latest film reviews and some of my older ones, tucked under the subheading entitled 'Archive.' 
    Forbidden from seeing movies as a child, I decided to become a professional film critic and in 1976 started reviewing for What’s On In London. Gradually, I collected various reviewing gigs and eventually was brandishing my opinions for Sky TV, BBC radio, Talk Radio, Film Review magazine, The Times, The London Paper and Filmstar, while collating most of my criticism in the Film Review annuals, which I also edited.
    The latest Film Review almanac - the 70th, no less - is published by Signum Books and is available on Amazon now. You will find a number of my reviews within this tome, alongside a comprehensive collection by other established critics. You can also hear me review more stuff on Share Radio every Friday at 5.00pm, a movie show hosted by my colleague Simon Rose.