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the perfect compendium:


an alphabetical reference that not only comprises all the countries of the world, all the states in the US and the largest collection of collective nouns and related adjectives in print, but a ruthlessly addictive A-Z treasure chest of quotations, extraordinary words and startling facts. Designed as an easy-to-navigate fount of knowledge, The Index is also a quirky compost of the outrageous, the academic and the unexpected. Thus, as you are checking the most famous natives of New Orleans (Louis Armstrong to Reese Witherspoon), you will almost instantly stumble across the fact that the first regularly published newspaper in the world was in Antwerp. This is because “newspaper” follows “New Orleans” alphabetically, not because Antwerp was known for its journalistic prowess.

Forsooth, The Index should prove an indispensable companion for the student, the columnist, the curious, the crossword fanatic, the desk and the loo





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